Louis Brunet I Louis Brunet, Photographe Mariage

A few years ago, I met Rocio in Amsterdam, at a Fearless conference. I quickly hit it off with her, and she invited me to shoot a wedding in Spain.
At that time, my photography was boring, average, without any singularity. I was a little bit lost: first of all technically, but also what was the purpose of shooting weddings? I was doing it like an amateur trying to get a few good pictures. I needed to improve that... A lot !
So, we shot that wedding together. Two men... First time for me. We had a lot of fun, the guys were very nice, and the atmosphere excellent.

The day after the wedding, we spent the whole Sunday looking at my RAW files. She highlighted the wrong things, and gave me some advice to make them better. She also found my strong points, and helped me to develop them. With Rocio, I understood that almost every scene could make an awesome picture, you just have to find the way to make it.

After this wedding, the evolution in my work was just crazy. Of course, don't expect to go there, listen, and by magic, change everything. You'll have to work hard then, and it takes some time. That's what I did, and months after months, I was seeing the difference. In parallel, I also did a strong work on myself: why am I doing this job?
Then, I found my own way, and my singularities !

As a result, that was my first one to one, and so far the best photographic experience of my life: I wasn't proud of what I was doing at that time, I am now.


Thank you so much Rocio, you know what it means to me.
Louis Brunet