Abhimanyu Sharma I Going Bananas Photography

Some folks are gifted with photography skills and others are great educators. It’s very hard to find a combination of the two. So I had a unique opportunity when Rocio spent time with me and my work. She’s a rare combination of the two - an immensely talented photographer as well as fantastic at teaching and giving feedback!
Yes, she can be brutal with her dissection of your work, but she will always be respectful of it too. She will judge you as a photographer but never as a person. And she is ferociously detailed oriented, teaching even from her own mistakes.
And for that, I am extremely fortunate to have her share her knowledge - an open book with nothing to hide.
Plus, she is such a wonderful human being with a very kind heart.
Thank you for your time, feedback, encouragement and love, Rocio 🙂 And thank you for being a mentor to me.
I look forward to all the interaction and learnings in the future.

Love & respect,

Abhimanyu Sharma
Going Bananas Photography